6 Work-From-Home Tips to Keep You Sane and Safe

Millions of people across the globe are working remotely from their houses because of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this has significantly taken a toll on every worker’s productivity. This presents a new challenge for office employees working regular 8-5.

We, humans, are creatures of habit. We enjoy the routine, may it be the morning rush, the annoying alarms, or the quick breakfast to work. That is why when something as immensely dangerous as a global crisis threatens our routine, we can’t help but feel attacked and stressed.

It’s true; having the choice to work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic is a privilege. However, it comes with its own setbacks. Imagine having to shift your usual routine to working from home for the first time, full-time.

Have you been stressed about the new setup? If you’re frequently sporting your sleepwear even during the start of your shift, know that many are guilty too. Best believe, it is not the best way to start your work-from-home (WFH) day.

Surely, these best practices will guarantee that you’re successful and productive at getting necessary work done and maintaining your well-being.

Here is a list of the tips and tricks you can do to stay safe and absolutely sane during this kind of weird set-up.

  1. Get ready.

Are you guilty of clocking it to work but sleeping your way afterwards? Well, this is one of the many pitfalls of working from home. You have your own free time. Basically, everything is flexible. You control your time. You work at your own pace as long as you deliver the same quality of work you’ve been doing ever since.

Maybe you’re too complacent or you’re just confident to get the job done right but getting ready is a simple tip that will change your WFH life. It’s undeniable and tempting to stay and wear your pajamas all day. This way you enjoy a comfortable and casual set-up, far from the professional and formal outfits you wear to work.

Getting ready doesn’t have to mean wearing blazers or make-up. You can wear your favourite women's activewear and still enjoy the same comfort except, you’ll have better productivity. The act of getting ready just spikes and perks you up sending signals to your brain that you mean business.

  1. Create a space that’s solely for work.

One of the many challenges any remote worker faces is keeping his/her home space separate from the office. This transition creates confusion between your work-life balance.

If you are used to coming into the office each day, the best solution to have a happy work-life relationship is recreating a space that’s similar to your office. This physical workstation sets your mind in the mood for work.

Your space doesn’t have to be filled with all the office stuff such as office chairs, complete desk setup, or even security doors and screens. Remember, that's not what you want to achieve. Designate an area that’s comfortable yet office-like.

Avoid using your own bedroom as a workspace because the bed will really tempt you to nap instead. While entering your designate space, you can immediately embrace the work-vibe. This way you don’t get totally confused on how to start your tasks. This is a very easy and doable trick that skyrocket’s your productivity rate.

  1. Follow working hours as scheduled.

Just as you get ready for work and create a workspace setup at home, it’s also important to adhere to your working schedule. This helps you best especially when you need to transition back to your office. Of course, you want to enjoy the given freedom and the ability to do work whenever you want.

As much as your in-charge with your own time and environment, you hold yourself accountable to everything you do but it’s important to recognise things as they are. You don’t have to overwork yourself. If you ever feel that you’ve got to do something more, maybe it’s time to convince yourself that you need to recharge and relax.

  1. Think about your new “officemates.”

This remote setup is new for many people. Who would have thought that 2020 is the year where we treat our home and office space as one? If suddenly you’re working remotely, there are great chances you’re not the only one that need adjusting.

Of course, your housemates are now your colleagues. Your dog suddenly becomes your supervisor and your daughter, she is your fun and adorable colleague.  With the relatively unique setup, all your new officemates come with their own situation to deal with. Be empathetic and think when they need to accomplish what they need to do – be it potty time or a virtual school session.

  1. Don’t try to do it all at once.

Being at home compels you to do many things. We know you have a lot on your plate. The stress that comes with the new normal and the never-ending household chores are pushing you past your limit.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to be superman. Rest and take it easy. Don’t be in a hurry. Remember, haste is waste. Slow down and do important tasks within your pace. If you’re thinking about house remodelling, pump repair and services, maybe now is not the perfect time.

A cluttered mind is nothing but an unproductive one. Reassess your priorities and start working there.

  1. Accept and compromise.

As they say, the last stage of grieving is always ‘acceptance’, and it should not end there. You need to compromise.

Yes, the WFH setup offers many great perks, — not having to endure the dreadful morning commute, enjoying homecooked meals, and the choice of wearing your comfortable pajamas all day long — it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

There’s just a plethora of distractions everywhere. Communication is a real challenge and household responsibilities might get in the way, but the most important thing is you have to learn to adapt to this situation.

This may sound funny but don’t try to have a bathroom renovation done because you keep comparing your office bathroom to your own home. Understand that you’ll never replicate your office space and learn to compromise with that fact.

We hope that these tips and tricks will truly help you brace these challenging times. Be mindful that this is temporary, and everything will soon move for the better. Hang in there! Stay safe; stay productive!