I made a social network for developers

I was learning Django (still learning 😁😬) and HTMX too and I found so many dev social networking sites on the internet so I got inspiration from them to make my own... so why not? let's try... so I started coding and after 2-3 months it's ready :)

Now my friends and I use it to share feelings, corporate experiences, random thoughts, whatever and it's great fun

not too much serious about it and it was fun and I learned many things while developing this site really.

This is my first Django project I've hosted

so tech stack is

  • Django
  • HTMX
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (always)

and maybe it's a little weird

try -> https://awwsome.dev

it's for developers so you can enter it through GitHub.

I don't know what's the future, YOLO

I was too confuse.. should I make it live or not but then I told myself if I get failed I learned (self-motivation 🗿)

ok try now -> https://awwsome.dev

thanks :)

Eurico98 picture

I will definitely visit this page :)