Software Engineer (Comprehensive Health Record - CHR)

London, United Kingdom


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We are a team on a mission, to put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on earth. Our mission is bold and ambitious, and it’s one that’s shared by our team who shares our values, to dream big, build fast and be brilliant.

To achieve this, we’ve brought together one of the largest teams of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to focus on combining the ever-growing computing power of machines, with the best medical expertise of humans, to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalized health service and make it universally available.

At Babylon our people aren’t just part of a team, they’re part of something bigger. We’re a vibrant community of creative thinkers and doers, forging the way for a new generation of healthcare. We’re only as good as our people. So, finding the best people is everything to us.

We serve millions, but we choose our people one at a time…

What will you be doing?
The Comprehensive Health Record (CHR) is the center of Babylon’s AI brain, providing the memory for the services that work with and on our members’ health records. The CHR team works to make our health records intelligent and safe by increasing the breadth of what we understand about patients collected form their health providers, from payers and insurers, from all parts of the Babylon experience, and directly from patients themselves.
Some of the challenges we face are:
- Ensuring that Babylon patients are always in control of their data and their healthcare experience
- Extracting information from natural language, understanding both technical abbreviations and idioms (e.g. "my head is killing me" is most likely a way to report a severe headache rather than murder)
- Using medical data to trigger actions (e.g. a patient reported a new symptom that given their medical history should alert a doctor)
- Ranking and displaying the medical history of a patient based on the context of a medical consultation, a particular condition, or a patient’s situation
- Aggregating health record mentions and perspectives into a high confidence reflection of reality (e.g. if I see my GP twice for a broken arm, there will be two notes about my fracture, but only I broke it once)
- Fill in gaps in the record by applying what we know about medicine and the world (e.g. if I’ve been prescribed insulin, the probability of a previous diabetes diagnosis is high)
- Use clinical knowledge to infer the meaning over time of what we’re told (e.g. how likely is it that a headache reported one month ago is still bothering the patient?)
- Look at data and validate the clinical safety and effectiveness of our tools (e.g. how do we surface the most important interactions to be reviewed by a human doctor? What is the effect of releasing a new version of our medical models on our patient interactions?)
- Building a global, scalable platform that respects regulations and culture everywhere we go
Your role would likely look like this:
- Contribute directly in the project to ensure the team delivers as a whole.
- Exercise creativity both in assigned work and on ideas you explore during Friday projects (10% time)
- Commit to continual personal growth and development with humility and a hunger for learning
We look forward to hearing from you. A few quick notes on basic requirements to consider before you apply.
Key Skills Required
- Problem solving. We often work on novel research
- Autonomy and the ability of surveying technologies and state-of-the art solutions
- Familiarity with complex algorithms and data structures
- Experience with REST and HTTP
- Knowledge of Distributed Systems
- Test Driven Development
- Data Driven Development
- Understanding of modern software lifecycle from extracting requirements to monitoring in production
- Understanding of modern database solutions
- Great communication skills. You will work very closely to scientists and medical doctors!
Desired Skills
- We use the following technologies, it will be easier for you to get started if you have used some of these: Java, Scala, Python, Kafka, Cassandra, Postgres, Prometheus, Docker, Kubernetes, Spring, Gradle, Github, Grafana.
- Computer Science degree or other preferable but not required.
Working environment
- Team size ranges from 4 to 10
- Highly motivated and talented teammates
- Initiative is appreciated and rewarded
- You will always be constantly learning
Recruitment Process
At Babylon Health our hiring process is there to unlock the very best version, we believe in empowering the engineer in you through engagement and collaboration. We have a high bar and that’s what makes our tribes and squads so intriguing and interesting to work with. We understand that spending a few hours with you won’t give us everything you are brilliant at, but we take your career seriously.
As a Software Engineer your process will include;
- Talent team member call
- Ideally, we’d love every Engineer to share some of your code, so if you have any public repositories or zip files with examples of your coding - please do share! For those of you who do not we do have demo project. (Not every Engineer is required to do this!)
- Engineering Peer-2-Peer technical video call
- Onsite Interview (remote if necessary), which would include engaging sessions on: Architecture, Pair Programming & Culture.
- Internally we have a quick catch up on how amazing you are and then we provide you with constructive feedback and hopefully offer you a chance to join one of our fantastic teams.
- The entire process shouldn’t take longer than 2 weeks, but we’ve done in 2 days before!
Click here to see what it’s like to work at Babylon Health and here to see our latest news
- Competitive salary package including share scheme
- Free Babylon Health for you and your family
- One of the nicest offices you’ll ever see, located next to Liverpool Street Station
- Free healthy breakfast, and snacks
- On site table tennis and video game competitions
- Regular social gatherings and an intimate, collaborative environment
- A real entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make a tangible difference in the world
- Free weekly yoga or football sessions
- Pension scheme
- Childcare vouchers
- BUPA health and life insurance

Babylon believes it is possible to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. How? By combining the ever-growing computing power of machines with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and making it universally available.