Build WordPress App with React Native #29 : Publish on App store

This series intends to show how I build an app to serve content from my WordPress blog by using react-native. Since my blog is talking about react-native, the series and the articles are interconnected. We will learn how to set-up many packages that make our lives comfortable and learn how to deal with WordPress APIs. Here, the most prominent features talked about in the book are the dark theme, offline mode, infinite scroll and many more. You can discover much more in this series. this inspiration to do this tutorial series came from the React Native Mobile Templates from instamobile

In case of wanting to learn from the beginning, all the previous parts for this tutorial series are available below:

we continued to AppStore after publishing on Playstore we required apple developer account 99$/year approved period 4-5 days or more after got developer account go to app store connect section

click on my app

create a new app

then fill app detail

hit create will redirect to the app info screen

first, add privacy policy for app personally recommend Iubenda for generating any relate privacy policy

next tab set pricing to 0 for free app

now we can prepare for submission

the first thing we want to add app screenshot

use this service for generating screenshot

I submit a screenshot for only iPhone 6.5″

and 5.5″

next step fill app description

next step that we can do on a browser is App info add App Store Icon

last step for app review I thick out Sing-in required and fill contact info

try hit save your will saw an error

we did not attach app file, for now, we using Xcode open Product and hit Archive

waiting until archived success

next hit Distribute App

now let’s wait for upload success

now all done

back to Appstoreconnect click Activity tab, your will see our app on processing status

when processing finish we can start a submission

now we need to waiting


now we all done we submit the app to App store we waiting for at least one days for reviewer have to reject or approve