Applied Scientist 2

Have you ever wanted a smart assistant that can not only check the weather for you but can also collect knowledge and really teach you something? Let the users focus on life and decisions, and let the computers do the difficult knowledge memorization and search, fast and error-free. Bing Image Understanding Team have been building this for years, receiving positive feedbacks from the market, and are now expanding to new scenarios. We are creating groundbreaking technologies in Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, and Natural Language Processing to empower visual search and understanding scenarios. Join our rapidly growing team to help build the next generation of text-enhanced visual knowledge system on top of the tremendous data in Bing’s index. Enable the AI to see and read the world like humans, and teach users something that they didn’t know before. Work you do here would have impact on tens of millions of users across the world, and also able to reach a wide variety of applications, such as Bing, Edge, Office, Azure Cognitive Service, and Windows.

Bellevue, United States
  • Azure