Land Acquisition Manager

Microsoft Cloud Operations + Innovation (CO+I) is the engine that powers Microsoft's cloud services and our team is focused on delivering high quality infrastructure to support cloud operations.

As Microsoft’s Cloud business continues to mature, the acquisition and development of our owned, designed and constructed Data Center facilities will scale to meet the demands of our customers. Cloud Operations and Innovation (CO+I) will be developing and executing strategies to deliver owned and developed sites alongside our leasing team, to scale our business into the future.

Real Estate Acquisition Manager

Cloud Operations and Innovation (CO+I) is the team behind the Microsoft Cloud. CO+I is responsible for delivering all Data Center Infrastructure to support our platform and deliver for our customers demand. Our focus is on smart growth, directing strategic scaling through high quality, cost effective and innovative solutions to meet demand and to reduce cost and impact of our overall delivery.  We are looking for a passionate, high energy individual to help build the infrastructure that powers Microsoft’s online services.

The Land Development Organization is responsible for the delivery and pre-positioning of Data Center real estate needed to build out Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. The types of projects include land acquisition and pre-development, Build to Suit lease development and working on the development of incentives for those projects.  The Real Estate Acquisition Manager will be the subject matter expert and will provide guidance into the regional strategy and ultimate execution to deliver in global regions. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant contribution and impact to one of the largest data center portfolios.

London, United Kingdom