Senior Software Engineer - Azure CXP

The vision of our group is to empower every Azure customer, Azure service providers with best in class troubleshooting experiences to recover their unhealthy azure resources. This mission requires a highly scalable, reliable, and constantly evolving infrastructure. We are a core backend platform team that enables all the services in azure to provide automated solutions to our customers in need. Our team is focused on building large scale platforms to host various Azure solution micro-services, deliver services to power interactive troubleshooting experiences. Our team creates innovative plug and play solutions, provide SDK's for 300+ Azure developers to diagnose and auto-remediate azure customer issues. This team’s immediate mission is to build brand new services and REST endpoints to deliver diagnostic solutions to Azure customers and Azure resellers by delivering new ARM Troubleshoot resource provider in all Azure clouds.

We are a young, fast, and dynamic team with startup culture that loves to take on big challenges, solve them and move onto the next. We have a vibrant developer ecosystem that is constantly growing coupled with steady adoption by many Microsoft services that is constantly challenging us with high scalability design problems. As a member of the team, you’d be getting opportunities to deal with these technical challenges on a regular basis and take our platform innovation to next level.

We are looking for motivated, accomplished, and proven software engineers who are eager to solve complex distributed system problems, have an impact on Azure developers and customers.

Atlanta, United States
  • Azure
  • REST