Software Engineer- CTJ

The Azure Compute Organization is responsible for creating the foundation of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform for utility computing. This platform is one of the lowest levels of the services software/hardware stack and includes an efficient, virtualized computational substrate, a fully automated service management system, and a comprehensive set of highly scalable storage services. The Azure Compute Infrastructure Service team is looking for motivated engineers with a strong track record who are in search of an exciting environment working with innovative and revolutionary technology and interested to work on the boundary of software and hardware. Azure is a rapidly growing and evolving cloud platform; teams collaborate to manage the capacity lifecycle from demand signals to hardware decommission. Our vision is to create a Capacity Infrastructure Services (CIS) platform to automate hardware and devices provisioning/de-provisioning functions, datacenter operations, business processes, all through microservices, and deliver data analytics e2e. This will enable Microsoft services to manage capacity in a consistent, efficient, and secure way. The team is looking for developers interested in developing technology to secure, validate and manage the Azure platform and want the chance to contribute to the fastest growing cloud platform on the market.

Redmond, United States
  • Azure