Technical Advisor & Engineering Lead

The Office of the CTO for Microsoft is chartered with understanding, shaping and accelerating technologies and their impact on Microsoft, industry and society in order to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. Whether it is providing insights company-wide, giving meaning to an “AI First” company, or helping to drive impact of “Intelligent Cloud/ Intelligent  Edge Computing”, the Office of the CTO is down in the trenches, working with our engineering, field and strategy teams across the company. We gather information, synthesize best practices, drive cross-company workstreams, support cross-industry partnerships and engage in activities that inform the CTO and the SLT and move the needle on Microsoft’s strategic and technical direction.

The deputy office is focused on Scale H2 Technologies and includes highly technical, but cross-functional and highly independent leaders who accelerate leading edge technology to scalable, rapidly growing solutions.  This team works across the company through connecting people, resources and ideas across organizations and disciplinary boundaries. We are the glue between the customer need + strategy + technical execution. We are the 1+1 >2.

Redmond, United States