Engineering Manager

£55,000 - £100,000 per year

London, United Kingdom


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We’re looking for empathetic managers with a technical background to support and coach our engineers and help drive technical initiatives that improve our engineering practices. We’re particularly looking for people who would love to grow and develop high-performing engineers in our Financial Crime, Security, Payments or Platform teams.

Engineers work in interdisciplinary teams arranged around a mission, with clear responsibilities and objectives, and the right people in the team to independently ship from their own roadmap. Engineering Managers are separate from delivery teams, focusing on managing high performance and development for engineers across more than one team. Find out more about how we organise our teams and support engineers.

Your focus will be on helping each of them with their personal and professional development, listening, guiding them through hard times and celebrating their successes. You may also help drive technical initiatives in partnership with senior engineers across multiple teams, such as a testing, accessibility or performance.

You’ll spend your time:

  • supporting, coaching and developing high performing engineers through regular 1:1s, continuous feedback and relationships with team leads

  • working closely with the talent team to attract and hire high potential team members from diverse backgrounds

  • contributing to management best practices: helping us become an exceptional place to work for the ambitious, highly motivated people that we hire

  • helping to build an engineering organisation that can make a success of rapid growth

  • partnering with senior engineers to drive technical initiatives that improve our engineering practices

  • partnering with tech leads and product managers to ensure delivery squads are properly staffed and able to be highly effective

Projects Engineering Managers have worked on in the last year:

  • Building and rolling out an engineering progression framework

  • Iterating the engineering on-boarding process to help engineers become productive more quickly

  • Creating a promotions process to make sure engineers are being fairly recognised and rewarded for their contributions

  • Establishing a ‘tech lead’ role in product engineering squads to provide a clear technical mentor in the squad and a technical partner for product managers

  • Running a summer internship for engineers that saw them work on real-world problems in our engineering teams with engineers they learned a lot from 

You should apply if:

  • you have experience managing the performance and development of high-performing engineers

  • you have an empathetic leadership style and you build strong, effective relationships

  • you care deeply about helping others achieve their goals, avoid burnout, and become the best engineers they can be

If you’re unsure about applying or have any questions about the role or team, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]  We're very open about what we do in general, so our blog is a good place to learn more.


The interview process consists of a 45-60 minute phone call, followed by 2 hours of face to face interviews at our office in Moorgate, London. Sometimes, we arrange a follow-up interview to discuss the feedback from the first onsite stage.

We encourage an open and transparent working environment. You can contribute ideas to and ask questions of any aspect of the business you are interested in and, following Stripe’s example, all emails in the company are visible in an email archive. We regularly run hackathons in which people build things on our third party API and we contribute to open source software as much as possible. We’ve also made our product roadmap public and give sneak peeks of features in our community forum.

We're an equal opportunity employer and prize diversity as a strength. Everyone is welcome at Monzo. We’re keen to ensure we’re designing a bank that works for everyone, so we particularly encourage applications from different underrepresented demographics.


We offer competitive salaries based on skills and experience, which could be anywhere between £55,000 - £100,000 per year. 

We’re building the best bank in the world.

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