Privacy Policy

Able respects your privacy. In short, we treat our users the same way we would want to be treated as users of other websites and services. The primary reason we allow you to submit your personal information to Able is to provide you with a convenient and up to date professional profile that you can use to improve your career. Any information that you provide to Able should be used to benefit you and only shared with other parties when you provide explicit consent to do so. For example, applying for a job that is posted on Able.

Our privacy policy below provides information about how we use your data in language that is as clear and transparent as possible.

Data collection


We use Google Analytics to record how visitors and users browse Able. This is done so that we can understand how to improve the service offered. No personally identifiable information is ever linked to your Google Analytics browsing history.

When you view an article on Able, we record a log of your IP address for a 24 hour period. This is done to prevent people from artificially increasing the view stats of articles by constantly refreshing a page. Every 24 hours we count these view logs to calculate a total number of article views for that day before subsequently deleting all of the IP address logs.


When you create an account on Able, we require you to provide a valid email address, username and password (or OAuth autnetication when logging in with other social acccounts like GitHub or Twitter). This information is required for us to identify you and provide a personal account for you on Able.

You also have the option to provide additional profile information such as your name, surname, profile picture, professional headline, mobile number, city of residence, skills, a bio, links to your personal website and social media profiles, topics of interest, your educational qualifications and details of your previous employment.

The data you provide is used to build a professional profile for yourself on Able. The following data that you provide is public on your Able profile. Your name, surname, location, bio, work history, education, social profiles, projects and published posts. Your email address and phone number are only visible to you while logged in, unless you choose to share these with another party through a job application. Your password is encrypted and not visible to anyone, including Able staff.

You have the ability to add, update and remove any of this data at any time by logging in to your account and navigating to the Settings page.

We do not pass on your personal data or contact information, such as email address or mobile number to anyone without your explicit permission (i.e. applying for a job advertised on Able). Your email address and phone number are not be displayed on your public Able profile.

The above information is stored for as long as your profile is active on Able. You may delete any information or your Able account at any time via the Settings page.


We make use of the following cookies when you visit this website.

Cookie Purpose
__cfduid This is a Cloudflare cookie, more detail here.
csrftoken This is a cross-site request forgery token. Basically, our server issues you a unique token that you can use to submit data to our servers.
sessionid This is a sessionid that we use to identify your session on Able.

How data is processed

Your information is stored in a database on our servers in London. We use Heroku as our cloud services provider. By creating an account with Able you also agree to Heroku’s Privacy Policy.

Accountability and Management

Able’s appointed Data Protection Officer is Rhett Trickett, who can be contacted at

Accessing your data

Your information can be accessed, updated or deleted at any time by logging in to your Able account. Should you wish to request a copy of or deletion of all your personal data held by Able you may do so by sending an email to We are happy to facilitate the delivery of your data to yourself or a third party specified by yourself so long as it is within a reasonable cost of delivery and time-frame.


Feedback on the above Privacy Policy can be sent to

We encourage visitors and users of Able to submit feedback regarding our Privacy Policy if you feel there may be something we have not considered. We are open to learning and revising our Privacy Policy based on input from our users in a way that facilitates trust between everyone in the Able community.