Senior Frontend Engineer

Bengaluru, India


React GitHub REST

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design and lead our web payment strategy
  • Work on our powerful, cross-browser javascript library for payments
  • Own and drive our merchant dashboard to make it faster and simpler to use
  • Get to experiment and work on cutting edge technologies on a bunch of microsites
  • Contribute to open source as we set the standards for online payments
  • And, most importantly, brainstorm and create new directions that Razorpay can take in our quest to make online payments easy and accessible to all

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A minimum of 4+ years of relevant experience
  • Proficient knowledge of any popular JS framework like React, Ember, Angular or Backbone
  • Experience with common frontend tools like SASS/Stylus, Jade, Grunt/Gulp etc
  • Good understanding of REST API
  • Ability to build a feature from scratch & drive it to completion
  • A willingness to learn new technology, whatever lets you deliver the best product

Apart from these, we also expect the following, but we accept that you can be an absolutely great developer without fulfilling the below. So go ahead and apply even if the following aren’t applicable:

  • Have a few weekend side-projects up on GitHub
  • Have contributed to an open source project
  • Have worked at a product company
  • Have working knowledge of a backend programming language

The second India focused Y-Combinator startup; We score 9/12 on the Joel test and support the Programmer's bill of rights. In just a year we have gone from nothing to a full fledged, modern and robust online payments system. Our customers swear by our tech and UX, and we are ecstatic to see people enjoy the results of our fanatic focus on making online payments simple and accessible.