Software Engineer II - Core Experience (CX) Places

Needham, United States


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With nearly a half-billion monthly active users, TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site! -- Our Core Experience (CX) group is in search of talented and software engineers to join our Places team (formerly Citymaps) who are now involved in working on and developing some of the most foundational elements of the TripAdvisor codebase, managing the tools and data pipeline that allow the company to make billions of dollars per year.

TripAdvisor's CX/Places team is home to some of the most innovative projects in the company, including:

  • LSSv2 - an “instant update” pub-sub location publisher and API that will move approved changes to the live site within seconds.  Cool technologies include Redis, Kafka, Async Messaging, and In-Memory Data Stores

  • BPM-LMT - a next generation process management tool built on a business process management stack.  (AlFresco Activiti, ElasticSearch)

  • Pelias - our implementation of the Open Source geo stack.  We will be major contributors too! (Pelias, ElasticSearch)

  • Atlas - our home grown location store.  A multi-year, multi-million dollar development effort to manage and clean millions of location records.

All of our projects are containerized, and use a mixture of bare-metal K8S hosting and Cloud services.  Join our team and learn what it takes to serve 500 million active monthly users!

You Will

In this role, you'll learn the foundations of the TripAdvisor stack, and help us move it to the next generation of tools. You'll work with engineering leaders at the company, participate in design and architectural discussions, and help keep the fires burning bright.  You will also work with external vendors (some of the biggest names in the places business, including Apple, Yext, Google and Foursquare).

  • Work closely with our engineering, product and design teams to refine features

  • Be responsible for code quality, providing actionable feedback to other developers

  • Participate in design and architecture development of new features

  • Perform day to day monitoring of our data pipeline health

  • Perform fixes and deployments as necessary

  • Assist with code & infrastructure migrations

  • Insure the pipeline aligns with business needs and the larger organization infrastructure.

  • Work with product managers and other business units to identify and remove deprecated processes

  • Work on enhancements that further automate the data pipeline

  • Be responsible for all aspects of software engineering, from design to implementation, QA and maintenance


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (or equivalent)

  • 4+ years of software development experience working Java and Java build tools
  • Solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, OO and Functional Design

  • Knowledge of Linux, Java, JavaScript (ReactJS) and related open source technologies such as Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Docker

  • Excellent programming and problem solving skills

  • Experience working with data pipelines is also highly preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills and analytical skills, combined with intellectual curiosity, and a desire and ability to "get things done"


Code it today. Launch it tomorrow. The power to positively impact millions of travelers worldwide can be yours on our Engineering & IT Team. We're at the forefront of technology, leveraging the newest innovations, working with big data and solving complex problems alongside the best in the business.