Hello World

Hey guys,

My good friend @Minenash (Can you mention people here? Not sure :P) has been linking me to his posts on here for a while and I felt like it would be a decent place to spend some more of my time.

I have a couple of projects going on in my spare time right now. I have been self-teaching myself Java and PHP since May, and I am proud to say I have come quite a long way. Maybe I’ll post about my projects here some time.

Anyways, should be back to my Calculus work now.

See you guys

Minenash picture

As Rhett pointed out, you can't tag anyone yet, but you can always use a standard link. A also agree more Java and PHP stuff would be nice, I have moved away from Java and don't see myself returning for at least a while.

Rhett Trickett picture

Welcome Tadhg! Good to have you aboard.

We’re big supporters of self-learning at Able. We could also do with more Java and PHP coverage on here so if you have something you think would be interesting to share then by all means please do!

It’s not yet possible to tag people in posts or comments, hopefully we’ll get round to that at some point! Also thanks to Minenash for spreading the word :)