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Best (and Worst) Java Exception Handling Practices

 Handling Exceptions in Java is one of the fundamental things a developer should be experienced in - handling them is as important as the rest of the code, and should never be overlooked or underestimated.In this blog, I'll try my best to make a guide to help newer developers understand how to handl...

Tips for Aspiring Developers (Self-Taught Story)

IT as a branch is ever-evolving, new people show up every single day. The most common questions are "Which programming language to learn?", "How do I start?", "How do I get a job?", "Where can I learn?" etc. These are all valid questions, and hopefully, this article will help such individuals maybe ...

Metric Profiling and Daily Logging with Java

Working on a large-scale application, especially if your application will be delivered to lots of people, requires you to keep in mind that there are machines that may not run it as well as your own. Optimizing applications is crucial when working on serious projects. There are many advantages and u...

Becoming an Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer - OCAJP

Please note: I'm writing this article out of my own experience with the exam, and some things may differ from your experience, exam, questions, preparation, opinion etc.The Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer is the first and lowest certification handed out by Oracle to all enthusiasts who de...

Introduction to Web Scraping with Java - JSoup

Web scraping can be very useful, whether it's for collecting information for analytical purposes, recording statistics, offering a service that uses third-party information, or feeding a neural network and deep learning. What is web scrapingThere seems to be a widespread misunderstanding that web sc...

Password Encoding with Spring Security

Password Encoding is one of the most basic, but also one of the most important security measures to take when building a web application. This blog is targeted towards new and intermediate developers who have some experience with Spring who haven't had experience with password encoding via Spring Se...

How to write tests in Java - JUnit

Writing tests and test cases is important in software engineering, however, it seems that a lot of people, especially new-baked developers are afraid of tests or simply evade to put them into practice.  Need for unit testingTesting allows you to see if each small piece of code produces the desired o...

A Guide to Java IDEs

An integrated development environment (IDE) is the place a developer will spend most of their time. Having your IDE well suited for you is very helpful, and can boost your productivity and quality of code.Fortunately, there are multiple IDEs to choose from, as well as a myriad of plugins to tailor i...

New features in Java 10

This article is targeted towards the recent development in the Java programming community, regarding the newest Java SDK update - the Java 10 update.If you're a seasoned developer and follow the Java community, updates etc. you might think to yourself why did this update come so early? Java 9 was re...

Real-time event streaming using Spring Webflux

In this article, we're going to create a simple application using Spring Webflux. This application will showcase how to create a reactive web server that sends an event every second to the client. The client will then simply log the events as they come.Maven DependenciesLet's start this article off ...