Thank you for joining us! We are working on getting the custom domain support going. Looking forward to your posts! Let us know if you have any queries or suggestions for us. Happy Blogging!!

I didn’t really see a better place to ask/suggest these, and the comment section is a bit limited to write everything I wanted to.

I tried searching what it is, and I get what they are, but I’m really confused on how they work for a blog like this.

The Formatting Buttons

I see that they change depending on what you’re editing, but I don’t understand why some appear and disappear, while others are just greyed out. For example, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the P (Paragraph) button did until I was writing this article and added the H2 header. Also, if I accidentally missed a button on the bar and touched anywhere else on the bar, the bar goes away. Suggestion: Remove the P button, and when H2 or H3 buttons are selected replace that one with the P. Or at the least move the P to the left of the B and i buttons. Also, in the article that lead me to this site, keyboard shortcuts were mentioned. It would be nice if the tooltips included the shortcut for it.

Inserting a Picture

I tried inserting a picture, using the button for it, and it gave the dialog for location, title, and description, but when I entered that in and hit insert, it just inserted a blank space and never gave me anything to actually upload the image with.

Writing that paragraph made me think that maybe the location was suppose to be the URL, apparently it was. Suggestion: Make it more obvious that the location field is for the image URL.


Comments are very barebone, I wouldn’t say anything if it was just general formatting, but it doesn’t support line breaks (and you wouldn’t know it, until you sent it). Also I was surprise I couldn’t edit the comments.


The icon looks great, but since it uses a transparent background instead of a white one, anybody using a dark-theme browser sees something like this:

The + button on the profile page

I remember there being a “Create Article“ above the horizontal rule, but it no longer appears.

The My Posts page & Subtitles in General

It would be really nice if subtitle was also included in these. Also in the editor, it would be nice if the subtitle box was already there, but with (optional) next to the text.

Previous article

At one point there was an option to give a previous article. Why was it removed, and can we expect to see it again?


When Publish is hit, almost nothing changes. Recently I saw a “View Post“ button appear, but if you’re editing an already published post, then there is no visible change. Maybe change the text of the button to “Published“ until the text changed, or after a few seconds, if the first isn’t feasible.

Also when going back to edit an article with a in the subtitle, then in the editor it’s replaced with ' which then gets placed as the actual subtitle. And every time I hit edit without fixing it, it duplicates.


These posts are in markdown, but we don’t get a markdown editor mode. As someone who writes in markdown all the time, I personally find it easier to edit that way then to use a button bar.


Can we get a Flutter tag?


So far, I’m loving this site and what it stands for. I’m really exited about this project, and can’t wait to continue using it for my blogs and project updates. For a small team, you guys have done an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see what comes next

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Thanks for all of this Minenash, we're aware and working on most of them. We have a suggestion box on GitHub ( where it would be best create issues for these so that they can be tracked and discussed individually. You can also find it by clicking the 'Feedback' link in the footer at the bottom of this page.

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"You can also find it by clicking the 'Feedback' link in the footer at the bottom of this page." Wow, I'm blind, I did look at the footer before making this post.