Why may you create WordPress DIY plugins instead of installing third-party plugins?

I can think of many reasons you may want to create your plugins instead of installing them from the WordPress directory or buying Premium plugins from the marketplace.

Here are a few of them:

1- You can save money when creating DIY plugins

Believe me; this is one of the most important reasons to make plugins yourself. Sometimes when I look at the price plans of popular plugins, I say to myself that I can create this plugin with less than that!

After all, you may not want all of the features they offer you for the premium plugin.

Furthermore, with easy-to-follow steps and tools available online, creating a plugin is simpler than ever before, making it an ideal solution for any budget-conscious website owner who wants more bang for their buck.

2-  You'll learn skills that can generate lots of money for you someday

just imagine finding an opportunity to create a unique website for someone who needs features that you cannot find in any pre-existing plugin.

So what are you going to do? Do you want to turn down the opportunity to make money or want to learn how to create WordPress plugins yourself?

Learning to create WordPress plugins can benefit your websites and generate money by selling feature-rich plugins to the one who needs them.

3- Your websites will have fewer security vulnerabilities

Security is not a challenging task to manage when you create feature-specific plugins.

When I look at premium plugins in marketplaces, I see many features I do not need! And I'm afraid these so-called features add security vulnerabilities to my websites.

Well, it is true that many times when you get hacked, it is through WordPress plugins, not the core issues of WordPress.

But when creating your WordPress plugins, you do not need to implement many features like these premium plugins in the marketplace.

This way, you can manage security a lot better. And you are the master of your home in the end!

4- Learning how to create WordPress plugins can give you many ideas to create in your free time!

You are not blogging all the time. So, in your free time, you can do something useful to boost the performance of your website.

Creating a new feature set for your website's visitors, or increasing the performance of your website’s page loading, requires the skill of creating WordPress plugins.

So you better learn how to create WordPress plugins now than future.

As a WordPress developer, I couldn't sleep at night when I learned how to create WordPress plugins myself because I was always thinking of something new to add to my website. I can guarantee you will feel something similar when you also learn to take your first steps.