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Building a Progressive Web App with Next.js - Part II

This is a two-part article and this is the second part where we integrate Service Workers, purge unused CSS, setup custom server-side caching, etc. in our app. The first part is live here where we create a simple web app using Next.js.In this part of the tutorial, we start to make our Next.js app pr...

Building a Progressive Web App with Next.js - Part I

This is a two-part article and this is the first part where we will create a simple web app using Next.js. The second part is live here where we integrate Service Workers, purge unused CSS, setup server-side caching, etc.Introduction to PWAsProgressive Web Apps are the future of web applications. Th...

JavaScript Design Patterns

Note: Updated the Proxy Pattern example to use ES6 Proxy and Reflect.In this article, we are going to talk about design patterns that can be and should be used to write better maintainable JavaScript code. I assume you have a basic understanding of JavaScript and concepts like classes (classes in Ja...

Styling in React with styled-components

IntroductionThe styling of your website or web application is an important part of creating a good user experience. You cannot just ship HTML and JavaScript and expect the app to look decent. When it comes to styling a React app, there are plenty of options to choose from.the CSS way:a. good old fas...

React Server-Side Rendering from Scratch

Let's first understand what is server-side rendering and why we might need it. Most of the web applications these days are primarily written in JavaScript and hence does most of the heavy lifting on the client side. Frameworks like React, Angular and Vue, by default, render the contents on the clien...

Managing state in React with Unstated

State management in JavaScript applications has always been a developer pain point. React is no exception. The simplest way to manage state in react is its built-in component state API - setState. But it is often insufficient in handling the requirements of complex applications. That's where differe...

Introduction to React

React is a very popular JavaScript library created by Facebook and used by many other industry leaders like Netflix, Airbnb, etc. It’s a library for building user interfaces. It introduces many new concepts about how to approach building complex user interfaces. We will explore the core concepts of ...

Introduction to Webpack 4

What is Webpack?Well that’s simple — Webpack is a module bundler for JavaScript applications.Now, to back it up a little bit let’s see how modules work in JavaScript. Modules, as in any other programming language, help you break down your code into smaller separate parts. This pattern helps in manag...