Great things of 2021

Another year has gone by and life has gotten way more stressful, which is why I’ve been late with my yearly “Great things of <year>” series. Let’s dive straight into it. As always, everything is in no particular order.

Great blog posts read

Great articles read

Favorite podcasts listened to

I haven't picked up any new podcasts in 2021. I continued listening to:

Favorite musicians discovered

I have really gotten in VTubers. I find them very entertaining and the music many of them do is also a banger. My favorites:

Favorite shows discovered

Favorite games discovered

Countries visited

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was sadly unable to visit any new countries in 2021. However, I was able to visit again:

  • Germany

It was just a day trip, a quick hop over the border basically. No, I did not catch covid (as far as I know).

Great tools discovered

Programming languages I hacked in

I didn't learn any new programming languages in 2021.

Tech products I bought

  • Samson Q2U (May) - Great microphone quality for a very cheap price, with the option to hook it up to an professional audio DAC. I currently use it with the Mini USB connection and it still sounds great.
  • HP OfficeJet 8012 (May) - My printer finally died after 10 years of usage. I decided to stay with HP and finally got myself an automatic paper feeder shaft.
  • Texas Instruments 30X Pro MathPrint (August) - For school we needed a non-programmable advanced calculator and this was the recommended model.
  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags+ (April) - I have SmartTags+ on all my important things: My keys, my backpack and my car. It allows me to search directly using my phone with the integrated UWB chip or by ringing a sound.
  • Samsung T7 Portable 1 TB (September) - It was on sale and I always wanted a external SSD for a while, so I took the shot.
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 (September) - I upgraded from the XM3 to the XM4 and the noise cancelling is so much better, I immediately loved it!
  • iFixIt Mako Precision Bit Set (November) - The only item that was on sale on Black Friday that I bought. Always useful to have such a kit at hand.
  • TFA Dostmann Airco2ntrol Mini CO2-Measuring Device (November) - In school all classrooms had CO2 monitors which every teacher strictly adhered to (keeping it under 1200 PPM). I bought my own small one for my room and it helped get rid of tiredness I always had.
  • Razer Orochi V2 (December) - Perfect gaming mouse for my laptop. It allows connection through Bluetooth and I can easily give it to other people which can then use the USB connection. Perfect for school gaming (hehe!)
  • Citroen C3 1.6i 16V (July) - Not necessarily a tech product but I bought my first car. It's second hand but it was cheap and fulfills my needs, plus it's automatic and allows Bluetooth connections.

Plans from previous years





Write a blog post at least once two months.



This has once again not happened. Now that I’m on, I think I should be able to make it in 2022.

Shrink my Plan to Watch list.



It grew even more. I'm now at 217 shows (at the time of writing), up from 126.

Stop some coping mechanisms.



Pass ending exams for my apprenticeship



I passed as the overall second best student in my canton.

Get a new job when my contract ends in August



I’ve started the Berufsmatur BM2 but stopped that in January and now work as a retail worker again.

Get my drivers license



I failed my first try at the exam but I will have my second try in about a week and I hope I’ll make it then.

Get into investing and the stock market



While the stock market has dropped quite a bit recently (thanks Putin!), I still want to continue investing more, despite being down currently.

That is 4 out 7 goals achieved or a 57.14% success rate, once again.

Plans for 2022

As always, last years’ unachieved goals get taken to the current year but I additionally want to:

  • Finish GitArena
  • Start watching Anime regularly again.
  • Scale up my newly founded company.

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