[Secretum] Starting the Mobile App

and minor updates about the database and the website

While the database is setup enough to be used for a chatting app, the only “encryption“ support it has at the moment is hashing and salting passwords, so if someone ever got access to the database, no login information would be released. Right now, we have decided to get the project to the point of working without end-to-end encryption, then go back and add it. The website (currently down due to bad timing of switching ISPs and visiting another province) has login/register support, but it needs some changes, and nothing has been done to make the webpage look good, or decent.

I didn’t that was enough of a usable update there to make a whole post out of them, so this post is an update to the Mobile app.

What has been done so far - (Screenshots):

  • The start screen (where login/register buttons live) is complete.

  • The Privacy, Login, and Register pages have a temporary blank page.

  • The app supports light and dark themes

  • The app supports multiple languages

  • The English language file is filled in, but the Spanish and Deutschmark aren’t

  • Started the structure of the Conversations page, but no functionality has been added, and fake data has been used.

This weekend I’ll spend my time working on the visuals of the Login and Register page, and when Tadhg comes back from his visit, I’ll code the functional part of it. If I finish the visuals before he comes back, I’ll start on the structure of the actual chat page.

Btw, does anyone have a recommendation on a good image host? I would self host, but I don’t have a computer that I can leave on 24/7.

Soumyajit Pathak picture

Cloudinary seems to be pretty good for hosting images. You can give that a try, they have a pretty generous free plan as well.