Hello World

and why I'm using able.bio instead of a self hosted blog.

This is my first post on this platform. Recently I lost my (free) host for my WordPress website, and I decided to change to a static webpage hosted via GitHub Pages. I did this so I wouldn’t have to worry about crap hosting (like 000craphost) or having a server running in my house. I never really used my blog, but I was thinking about hosting one anyways, just so I could. I was checking Hacker News when I stumbled upon this post and read through it. And when able.bio supports custom domains, I’ll be changing mine to https://blog.minenash.com.

So basically:

  • Simple set up

  • Not having to have any computer on in my house 24/7

  • Not having to rely on anyone’s good faith to host for me

  • Not having to go through a host that doesn’t have good uptime

  • Want to promote a better-faith competitor to medium



Soumyajit Pathak picture

Thank you for joining us! We are working on getting the custom domain support going. Looking forward to your posts!

Let us know if you have any queries or suggestions for us.

Happy Blogging!!